Dr. Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner

Dr Chris Skinner

Associate Professor, Medical School, Notre Dame University

Dr Chris Skinner, Associate Professor, Medical School, Notre Dame University and has been responsible for the development and coordination of personal and professional programmes. He has extensive qualifications in the fields of education, clinical psychology, health management and organisational behaviour. Chris has worked in a wide range of educational and health positions, clinical, educational, and managerial.

He is a Fellow of the Association Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), and is currently Regional Director Australia, International Society of Emotional Intelligence (ISEI), and is Chair, of the recently established Emotional Intelligence Society of Australia (EISA).  His main research and applied interests are in the link between emotional intelligence and health leadership behaviour and effectiveness, and the transition of individuals to varying work contexts.

Chris Skinner has worked extensively at the national and international levels with seminars and workshops conducted in New South Wales, Tasmania, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, and the United Kingdom.