Neda Zareva, Ph.D

Neda Zareva, Ph.D.

Neda Zareva, Ph.D

Licensed emotional intelligence practitioner via Genos International and a certified professional coach through Erickson International


The performance of the book “Seven Voices from the Dark” tells about the human journey into ourselves, into our personal Darkness, where the various manifestations of our own SELF live. The main purpose of the novel is to provoke the reader to dare to take this journey. The presentation is engaging, with video, with role plays and involving the audience in the character’s experiences.

The dark is a metaphor for our fear of ourselves. A fear that we studiously ignore all our lives; we pretend it’s not there, it doesn’t exist. At the same time, it is also a metaphor for our blindness to our soul, living under the illusion that the Ego is our only form of manifestation. And this is fraudulent! And then comes honesty with ourselves – one of the hardest tests in life. And the Voices that inhabit the DARK are those parts of us rejected for one reason or another that we do not wish to see. They are real, alive, and need attention. The more we avoid them, the more they push us to deal with them in our life in some way. When we don’t give it to them, they find a way to take it for themselves. The Angry, the Suffering, the Brave, and the Liar are just a few of the figuratively labeled characters that make up each of the seven voices in the book. The polyphony of the personality is also expressed in the combination of these voices’ multiple voices.


Neda Zareva graduated with a psychology bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in cognitive science. She is also a licensed emotional intelligence practitioner via Genos International and a certified professional coach through Erickson International. Neda is on the Ministry of Justice’s list of certified mediators.

In the past several years, she has primarily worked as a business consultant. Her professional specialty is related to the adoption of leadership roles in the field of human resources in multinational organizations.

She is an author of scientific articles in the field of cognitive science and two fiction books. She also developed and delivered a variety of specialized management and leadership training.

She made the decision to leave the scientific sector and transition into business as soon as possible in order to pursue something more useful. He has more than 13 years of experience in management and human resource management roles in large, multinational corporations, mostly in the media, manufacturing, and commercial business sectors.

Neda also has more than five years of experience working as a consultant, specializing in creating and implementing systems for managing people, processes, and projects. She also creates designs and leads numerous practical training sessions for senior and middle management level managers.

She has traveled extensively on a motorcycle, paraglided, participated in numerous rafting experiences, and is an avid horseback rider, skier, and off-road racer. She has also won various championships in these activities. She has used the Buddhist technique of Phowa to intentionally pass away four times and is very interested in a variety of other (Eastern and Western) spiritual and esoteric knowledge.

Neda is a mother of three boys.