Rallie Christova

Rallie Christova  – business and personal coach AMC (IAPC&M)

Managing partner of Up Skills Ltd.

Regional Director of Club EI – Varna

Certified expert in Emotional Intelligence at the International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI), New York, USA and Foundation for Development of Emotional Intelligence, Bulgaria; certificate No BG-2019-000002 / 18.04.2019г.

Rallie is an accredited corporate coach, mentor and trainer, focused on on developing the potential of the teams and organisations. Her expertise is corporate, team and personal coaching, mentoring and supervision, training courses on soft skills, building and supporting a value-based corporate culture, coaching and leadership skills, running Mastermind groups and Master classes on effective decision-making and problem solving.

She is a Bachelor of economics having long-term experience on managing positions in the field of ship management, accredited coach at International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IACP&M), certified mentor-coach and assessor at Noble Manhattan Coaching и Senior Executive and Group Power coach at advanced coaching school Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics (PСMK). Rallie has over work 2000 hours with individual clients and groups.

Rallie is and Executive director of Coaching Association of Bulgaria and a part of the expert team of In Your Hands ООД в периода 2017 – 2019 years.

Tha change to Rallie is a basic focus and passion. Her clients are various companies in production field (heavy and light industry), IT Technologies, educational sector, ship services.

As regional Director at Club EI – Varna, her mission is to attract professionals of different fields that have a savor to emotional intelligence and its application in diverse professional areas. Basic accent to her is the application of the emotional intelligence in the work of IT specialists, that defines the strategy of Club EI – Varna in direction of spreading knowledge, increasing the information and competency of IT specialists in EI field, as well as performing researches and developing practical tools to supporting peoples, working in this field.

Rallie is the initiator of the establishment of Club EI – Varna in June 2019 year, as well as its regional director since.

Monthly meetingd of Club EI – Varna for 2020 year will be held on Thursdays, in the middle of each month starting at 18.30 with address: str. Radko Dimitriev 7, floor 2, office 4

You can contact Rallie:

email: r.christova@foundation-ei.com

mob: +359 886 736 772