Assoc. Prof. Milena Georgieva, PhD

Milena Georgieva is an Associate Professor in Molecular Biology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The main purpose of her work is to discover the mysteries hidden in the human genome. For Milena, knowing our genetics is a key to healthy and meaningful existence. Genes determine our health, our intellect, they even control our emotions. But to what extent we are held as hostages to our genetics and are there ways to change and control it, are questions which answers we are still searching? As a scientist and a specialist in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Epigenetics, Milena believes that we are living in interesting times where miracles happen. In the field of Biomedicine, we are now very clearly distinguishing between the time “before” and “after” the project “The Human Genome” which aimed at deciphering the whole genetic information of humans. The time “after” the “Human Genome” project not only marks the beginning of the new millennium, but also highlights the beginning of a turning point in the treatment of human diseases. Modern Medicine is beginning to adapt to the handwriting of our genes and is taking into account the specificity of our own DNA. As a zealous communicator of science, Milena strives to present trends in modern science in accessible and interesting language. She deeply believes that knowledge must be disseminated in order to be reachable by people. Only then does elitist science become meaningful. Milena also promotes science by maintaining a blog:, in which interesting topics in the field of Genetics and Epigenetics are reported and discussed.