Press Release for the Third Emotional Intelligence Week, Sofia, 08.06 – 12.06.2020

The team of the Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence is pleased to invite you to attend the Emotional Intelligence Week in Bulgaria – “Emotional Intelligence – Smart Strategy for Resilience at Work”, which will take place from 08.06 to 12.06.2020 and includes several virtual events.

In times of new social reality and dynamic change, restructuring of business relationships and processes, remote online workplace, intense personal experiences and increased sensitivity to social responsibility, the events of the Emotional Intelligence Week will be dedicated to the connection between the emotional intelligence and the resilience skills.

Resilience enables individuals, teams and leaders in organizations to withstand unpredictable changes and highly stressful environmental factors.

The formula for business success has changed dramatically in the last three months! Until recently, we considered that it is related to process planning, timing, accountability, or achievement of long-term goals, but today business success is a result of emotional resilience, management flexibility and adaptability of people in organizations.

The events of the Emotional Intelligence Week in Bulgaria are in line with the new conditions of online presence and training. We will start on 08.06 with two webinar sessions provided by our two guest lecturers who are world-renowned experts in the field of Emotional Intelligence – Dr. David Caruso, co-author of the method for the study of emotional intelligence MSCEIT, Member of the Board of the International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI) , Lecturer at Yale University, and Dr. John Pellittery, President and Co-founder of the International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI) and Lecturer at the City University of New York, USA.

As participants in the webinars, you will have the privilege to attend a virtual lab for building resilience in the work environment. You will be introduced to new practically applicable methods for career adaptation, shared by Dr. John Pellittery. Through Dr. David Caruso’s leadership lessons on how to address the challenges through emotional intelligence, you will upgrade your skills to lead your business and people towards resilience, adaptability and development in the face of dynamic change.

In the period from 09.06 to 12.06.2020 a four-day Certification Vocational Training in Emotional Intelligence in two levels will be held by Dr. John Pellittery. The training program will provide participants with expert knowledge on empirically-based results on Emotional Intelligence, effective strategies and skills in its application in all areas of social life. The certificates will give legitimacy and opportunity for participants to develop and apply the knowledge of Emotional Intelligence in diverse work environments and conditions.

The team of the Foundation has an outstanding respect for all people who acknowledge that their most valuable resource is mental health and know that Emotional intelligence is a formula for achieving resilience in change, professional adaptation and career well-being!

Join the Emotional Intelligence Week in Bulgaria, organized by the Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence to experience unique moments with us and learn more about the science of Emotional Intelligence!

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