EIVETEmotional Intelligence for more effective Training Process

With the kickoff event hosted online by the Organization “Technical Training” (Bulgaria) in February the activities of the project “EIVET Emotional Intelligence for more effective Training Process” with the reference number 2021-1-BG01-KA220-ADU-000033724 started. The main objective of the project is to improve the availability of high quality learning opportunities for adults by integrating science and methodology of EI in the training process in order to support and to improve the efficiency and post-training success of the trainees and therefore to overcome the effects connected to unemployment, increased by the economic and financial crisis, which EU is facing after COVID-19. The project focuses on two target groups: on the one hand it involves experts and tutors within VET centers, BSO, Social Organizations and Enterprises and on the other hand trainees, who will be the end users of the training courses. The target group of trainees will include employed, unemployed, low skilled people, youth and migrants.
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Project 2020

Project 2020 is aimed at young talents, the future leaders, and contributors to the successful business companies.
Our goal is to establish and facilitate a sustainable connection between business and education through the development of emotional intelligence.
Project 2020 will provide an opportunity for training and development of emotional intelligence in talented and recognized students in the STEM sphere who are dedicated to achieving sustainable relationships with their future employers and a successful emotional and social realization.
Through the established donation fund, Project 2020 fulfills its purpose to accumulate financial means in support of talented students, successfully developing in the sphere of science, technologies, engineering, and mathematics.