Diana Gospodinova

Diana Gospodinova – a professional coach, business consultant and author of Coaching Club – a program for personal transformation.

Regional Director of EI Club – Stara Zagora.

Certified expert in Emotional Intelligence at the International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI), New York, USA and Foundation for Development of Emotional Intelligence, Bulgaria; certificate No. BG-2019-000018 / 01.11.2019.

Diana has followed educations to become an economist, manager, business and life coach, emotional intelligence specialist and certified practitioner in the techniques of emotional freedom. She has been trained by the leading instructors in management, coaching, emotional intelligence and TES from England, USA and Bulgaria.

Diana has worked for 3 years as a manager of a manufacturing company in the food industry with total number of staff of 70 people and as a manager of commercial premises, furniture center, covering an area of ​​5000 sq.m.

In her own company, under the trade name Management Center, Diana has worked for over 16 years as a business consultant to small and medium-sized companies in various industries – furniture, construction, hotel, fast food chains, metal processing, feed production, real estate agencies, freight forwarding and more. She has successfully completed over 100 business projects for personnel management, business process optimization, management systems, business strategies, change management, implementation of ERP systems, optimization of organizational structures and more.

In 2017 Diana created a one-year program for personal transformation, called “Coaching Club”. The program is unique for Bulgaria and combines a coaching process with an online training and the foundation of a supportive club community. Via “Management Center” and “Coaching Club” Diana organizes and leads open trainings, webinars, in-house and online trainings, that have involved more than 2000 people to participate.

Diana is the author of a number of materials in the following areas: business management, personal efficiency, emotional intelligence and leadership. She is a longtime author in “Your Business” magazine. Her articles have been published in online magazines such as “New Vision” and “Up-to-date”.

As of 2018, Diana is a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Stara Zagora.

Diana believes that in order to be a professional in sustaining personal and business change, you need a wide range of knowledge and skills that can be acquired through years of study and practice. You also need to change and develop yourself continuously and dynamically. Diana has in-depth knowledge and personal experience, which are extremely valuable. Her slogan is: “Believe in the potential of people and help them unfold it so that together we can create a better world for all of us.”

As Regional Director of EI Club – Stara Zagora, her mission is to attract professionals from different fields, who are interested to learn more about emotional intelligence and its application in different professional fields. Club EI – Stara Zagora particularly emphasizes on applying emotional intelligence when working with people, which draws attention to social intelligence, relationships and professions as psychologists and HR specialists, people who are connected to, and work with the inner world of people and the relationships between people.

Diana initiated founding the EI Club – Stara Zagora in September 2019, and she has been the Regional Director since then.

Monthly meetings of Club EI – Stara Zagora for 2020 will be held every second Wednesday of the month, at 6:30 pm, at the following address: №26 “Ruski” blvd, fl.2;

You can contact Diana via:

email: dgospodinova@mcentersz.com

tel: +359 898926476