EIVET Emotional Intelligence for more effective Training Process

With the kickoff event hosted online by the Organization “Technical Training” (Bulgaria) in February the activities of the project “EIVET Emotional Intelligence for more effective Training Process” with the reference number 2021-1-BG01-KA220-ADU-000033724 started. The main objective of the project is to improve the availability of high quality learning opportunities for adults by integrating science and methodology of EI in the training process in order to support and to improve the efficiency and post-training success of the trainees and therefore to overcome the effects connected to unemployment, increased by the economic and financial crisis, which EU is facing after COVID-19. The project focuses on two target groups: on the one hand it involves experts and tutors within VET centers, BSO, Social Organizations and Enterprises and on the other hand trainees, who will be the end users of the training courses. The target group of trainees will include employed, unemployed, low skilled people, youth and migrants.

The Project Consortium consists of the following 5 Partners:

  • Technical Training – Bulgaria (Project Leader)
  • Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence – Bulgaria
  • Mesogeiako ekpaideftiko kentro – m.e.k. life-long learning center level ii s.a. – Greece
  • Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici – Slovakia
  • Fondazione Luigi Clerici – Italy

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Development of a training course which can be widely used by adapting EI into training process;
  • Demonstrating that EI is no only a key element for smart and efficient training but also a labour market integration tool;
  • Development of knowledge, skills and competences in the field of emotional intelligence, self- awareness, vocational self-esteem, social entrepreneurship and economically pro-active attitude of trainees;
  • Strengthening the cooperation between the organizations from different EU countries, in order to establish the exchange of practices and know-how.

The Project Consortium aims at achieving the aforementioned goals by elaborating the following three project results:

  • Elaboration of a methodology and training materials: The aim of this project result is to develop a teaching methodology, training materials and instructions with regards to EI knowledge which will support not only the learning process but also training providers (teachers / trainers, facilitator, mentors) in VET centers, social support centers, social enterprises and business support organizations  in the process of organization and conduction of trainings. The developed methodology and training materials will be applicable to all kinds of training courses (key competences, professional training, etc.).
  • Development of an interactive learning board game:  Its aim is to develop an interactive learning board game which will not only facilitate the educational process in the classroom, but which can also be applied in lifelong learning and in an informal environment, thus achieving long-term learning impacts in involved trainees. The purpose of the game is to assist both trainers and trainees in the EI training process. The idea behind its creation is on the one hand its application during training and on the other hand to assist trainers and trainees in learning and developing EI (emotional intelligence) skills once the training is completed.
  • Development of the mobile application SmartEmotions: Its aim is the development of the mobile app SmartEmotions, which will serve as a powerful innovative tool for stimulating the process of awareness and self-reflection. The purpose of the app is to provide a quick and easily accessible and accurate assessment of the user’s current emotional status by “scanning” several key indicators through answering basic questions about the user’s physical condition, feelings and thoughts. The systematic accumulation of user’s data in different situations will help them to create a personal “emotional profile”, on the basis of which the user will be able to obtain a reliable interpretation and recommendation for an effective strategy for the current situation Furthermore, the app will help users to build a rational strategy on how to deal with emotions in different situations, improve their emotional intelligence and prevent undesirable consequences, triggered by unprocessed emotions.

The project also foresees short term training activities:

  • By the end of the O1 implementation period, a short-term training event will be organized in Bulgaria, hosted by FDEI. The aim of the training is the validation of the developed emotional intelligence course and methodology by all presented partners to collect their feedback and suggestions for changes and improvement in order to fine tune the developed EI course and methodology. Furthermore, the trainers will be trained on how to apply and adapt the methodology into training courses.
  • By the end of the O2 implementation period, a short-term training event will be organized in Slovakia, hosted by UMB. The aim of the training is to validate, fine tune and improve the developed interactive board game by collecting feedback and suggestions for changes and Improvement from the participants and to train the trainers on how to use and apply the board game to the training process.

The target group for both training activities are experts with profound knowledge and experience in provision of training courses, with at least 5 years of professional experience as a trainer, lecturer or educator and experience in working with a wide range of trainees (unemployed, less experiences, low skilled, self-employed, mid and higher management  etc.)

At the end of the project Fondazione Luigi Clerici will host a dissemination event in Italy which will involve national and international participants in order to share the project results and experiences connected to them.


Currently the Project Consortium is working on the creation of semi-structured interviews which are part of the activities of IO1 – Building teaching methodology in EI, training materials and instructions, which will support the learning process and training providers in VET centers, social support centers, social enterprises, business support organizations or other, in the process of organization and conduction of trainings.

The preliminary questionnaires are aimed at identifying training contexts, needs and trainee’s groups in each country. Each project partner will contribute to the process of collecting data and information for the respective country, through the administration of questionnaires. Based on the identified training needs and trainee’s needs in each country, a methodology and training materials will be elaborated.

We will update you soon with the next steps.