About Emotional Agility with Lilia Dzhipova

The way we manage our inner world – thoughts, emotions, inner experiences that pass through our minds every day – is a determining factor in the quality of our lives and the success we achieve.

„Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.“
– Viktor Frankl

Deciding how to respond to the information that emotions give us is more than necessary to feel good, to have control over ourselves, to maintain and enjoy good and healthy relationships with loved ones and to we preserve our health! The unexpected changes imposed by the pandemic situation overturned our patterns of thinking and behavior, and the need to be adaptive and emotionally flexible became a prerequisite for accepting the new and different reality.
What exactly is Emotional Plasticity? What does it have to do with Emotional Intelligence? How does Emotional Plasticity help us to better understand our emotions, to accept them calmly, to understand what information they give us and to live more harmoniously with ourselves and others? What are the four principles of Emotional Plasticity and how do we learn to apply them in our daily lives? Why is it important to accept our emotions instead of rejecting them, no matter what they are? How would emotional plasticity help us in the workplace and in the family?
These and other issues related to Emotional Plasticity will be discussed together at the online event of the Club “Emotional Intelligence” Sofia on 16.12.2020 – we start at 18:00! Welcome!
Moderator: Lilia Dzhipova, member of Club Sofia at the Foundation for the Development of Emotional Intelligence
And to lift the Christmas mood after the end of her presentation, Lili Dzhipova has prepared for you a small musical surprise, which gives you a nice and memorable emotion! 😊
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