Ivelina Ilieva

Ivelina Ilieva is a judo and sambo competitor, European gold medalist.

Ivelina is 28 years old and comes from Haskovo. Has lived in Sofia since the age of 13.

From 3rd grade she is involved with judo. After 2 years of training he won a gold medal in international tatami. Then her first coach directed her to a sports school and this is one of the reasons for her move to Sofia. She completed her secondary education at the General Vladimir Stoychev Sports School, or better known as CSKA Sports. She has not yet finished her higher education, she has graduated from the semester coaching faculty, majoring in judo coaching at the National Sports Academy.

She is a medalist at European and World Championships in two sports: judo and sambo. Winner of the European Judo Cup in Zurich with gold metal, up to 63 kg.