Maria Radoslavova

Мария Радославова

Prof. Maria Radoslavova, Ph.D., DSc

Lecturer in the Faculty of Management, College of Business, San Francisco State University, USA

Independent researcher working for the Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence in Bulgaria

Her educational and research background includes degrees of Ph.D. in psychology and D.Sc. in psychology. She is certified for training in conflict resolution, as well as for teaching and training in emotional intelligence. She has instructed students in bachelor and master programs in strategic management, leadership in organizational psychology, business psychology, and developing management skills of communication, decision-making and problem-solving, and change management.

Maria Radoslavova is experienced in research on individual and team projects at a national and international level.

She is the author and co-author of several books, book chapters, and research articles in organizational psychology, including articles on designing a method for the assessment of emotional intelligence, and studies on the role of emotional intelligence on behavior, well-being, and leading changes in organizations.

She has conducted consulting in civil and military educational organizations, as well as organizations in various industries in developing motivational programs, solving in-group and inter-group work conflicts, building integration and cooperation skills, and recognizing and coping with problems and emotional-laden work and life challenges.

Currently, Maria Radoslavova is an independent researcher working for the Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence in Bulgaria.