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Data protection

Securing your legitimate participation in the event is subject to the provision of personal data. At the same time, the Data Administrator shall respect the privacy of each participant and take all necessary measures to ensure the privacy of the personal data entrusted to him.

I. Terms used

“Personal data” means any information relating to an individual who is identified or can be identified directly or indirectly by an identification number or by one or more specific attributes.

“Processing of personal data” means any operation of personal data by automatic or other means such as collection, recording, organizing, structuring, extracting, limiting, deletion, etc.

A “data subject” is any individual who can be identified by the data he or she provides.

“Data Administrator” means any person who carries out the processing of personal data and determines the purposes and means for such processing.

II. Who processes the data

The organizer of the event is the Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence, which is licensed as a Personal Data Administrator.

Representative / Contact Person: Antonina Kardasheva


 The Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence processes personal data in accordance with the requirements of European and national law, and in particular the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL).

The supervisory body for the activities of the Administrator is the Commission for Protection of Personal Data, Address: 1592 Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№2 Str. , Website:

III. Which data we process

For your participation in the event, we collect the minimum required data for processing purposes, namely:

  • Identification information – names of the participant, represented organization, position held
  • Contact details – e-mail address, telephone number
  • Billing information (applicable for paid events)

The Foundation may receive publicly available information about you, including names, date of birth, e-mail, in case you use your social networking profile when applying to participate in an event, if technically supported.

In the Registration form we have noted the information that is required.

The Administrator reserves the right about a public information coverage of the event, including photographing and filming the event, including its participants.

IV. Aims of processing

The processing of the necessary personal data has the following purposes:

  • Organizational goal – effective administration of the event;
  • Identification purpose – individualization of participants, audience assessment and content adaptation;
  • Communication objective – contacting the persons involved in the event of circumstances necessitating changes to the program of the event, the venue or time of the event, or sending other important notices, including feedback after the event.
  • Marketing goals – presenting and promoting ideas for the event, conducting research campaigns for the satisfaction of the participants in the event, seeking critical opinions and recommendations; also conducting marketing campaigns related to the trademarks and other corporate identity of the Administrator (for direct marketing purposes), with the prior consent of the participant;
  • Analytical goals – for the purposes of analysis, statistics and event evaluation reports;
  • Accounting purposes – to comply with legal requirements for the storage of financial records (where applicable).

V. Ground for processing

Securing participation in the event is the provision of a service whereby a contractual relationship (payable or gratuitous) arises between the participant and the Administrator, which in turn is the basis for the collection and processing of personal data either individually or by assigning to a Processor.

The personal data are provided by the participant (data subject) who declares that he or she provides only his / her own data and guarantees their accuracy and completeness.

The Administrator may also process personal data on the basis of compliance with his legal obligations or the protection of his legitimate interests, where this is proportionate to the interests of the data subjects.

The processing of personal data for the purposes of direct marketing is done only on the express and free consent of the participant, which is subject to withdrawal at any time. Consent is also considered to be any active conduct by which a participant submits his / her data to the Administrator when he / she is aware of the purposes of such submission and the Data Protection Policy of the Administrator.

VI. How long we process your data

The data Administrator collects, stores and processes your personal data for the length of time it takes to run the event and fulfill the purpose of the processing, unless the law requires another time limit.

Upon completion of the event’s administration activities, the Administrator operates the personal data in accordance with his or her own Data Protection Policy, which can be found HERE.

Data of participants who have expressed a desire to receive marketing messages shall be processed until the explicit withdrawal of their consent by pressing an interactive button to cancel their receipt or send a message to the Administrator.

VII. To whom we can disclose your information

For the purpose of organizing and administering the event, the Administrator may disclose data to subcontractors or persons assisting the event for security or other vital purposes when this is proportionate to the rights and interests of the data subjects.

The Administrator reserves the right to make the recordings public when photographing and recording the event. Data subjects who do not wish their visual image to be published may report this to the relevant technical person (photographer, video operator, technical organizer) or to the Administrator.

With except of the above cases, we do not disclose personal data to third parties, except at the request of the data subject or unless there is a legal basis and / or a request from a competent public authority.

VIII. Participants’ rights

As a data subject, an event participant can always ask the Administrator for information about whether and what personal data are being processed, as well as the purposes and timing of such processing.

The participant may request a copy of the data without disclosing it to third parties. The data may be obtained in a structured electronic format directly from the participant or may be requested by the participant to be transferred to another administrator.

Due to the voluntary nature of the provision of data for direct marketing purposes, the participant may at any time withdraw the consent to be processed, which will cease sending promotional messages and current news, but will not affect the legality of the pre-processing.

When a participant finds a discrepancy or omission in the personal data provided by him, he has the right to ask the Administrator for their correction or addition.

A participant may object to the processing of his / her data by presenting his / her arguments for its inadmissibility.

Where a participant objected to the processing of the data or raised a dispute about its accuracy, it may request the Administrator to limit the processing to the resolution of the dispute.

A participant may request a restriction on the processing even when he or she considers it to be unlawful or inappropriate, but does not yet wish to the data to be deleted.

Where the processing of data proves to be unjustified and / or unlawful or has exhausted the purposes for which it was carried out, a participant may ask the Administrator to delete the processed personal data.

Participants claim their rights against the Data Administrator in writing, on a traditional or electronic media. If their requests are not granted, participants have the right to file a complaint against the Administrator’s actions to the competent supervisory authority.

IX. Action and policy changes

This data protection policy is effective throughout the data processing period.

The policy may be subject to change, which will be explicitly and previously posted on the event page, and participants’ rights cannot and will not be restricted without their explicit consent.

Last updated: 06/09/2019