Dr. Antonina Kardasheva

Founder and Executive director of Foundation of Emotional Development, Bulgaria.
Managing director of consulting company Smart Strategies Ltd.
National coordinator for Bulgaria at International society of Emotional Intelligence, New York, USA, (ISEI).
Part-time lecturer at New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria. She has 12 years teaching experience in Varna Free University and 2 years in Casa College, Cyprus.
Leads training programs in the extension of 3 years in academic communities in Houston, USA on diverse topics – “Money psychology”, “Parent’s psychology”, “Enchanted circle of childhood”.
In her practice, outside teaching activities, psychotherapist, coaching and mentoring in the field of emotional intelligence, Dr. Antonina Kardasheva is a certified management consultant in the field of the human resources, member of MC of Bulgarian association of management consulting organisations (BAMCO) and Certification and Training Commission at BAMCO.
Dr. Antonina Kardasheva is a Doctor of psychology science, certified management consultant /CMC/, graduated psychologist and psychotherapist and graduated life and executive coach – PCD/NMC.

In her professional practice, Dr. Kardasheva works as HR consultant of strategic management, trainer of group-dynamic training and soft skills, organisational behavior and management of individual emotional investment.
As researcher she standardizes, verifies and adapts to Bulgaria the method of the Emotional intelligence as a personality trait (TEIQue) and is one of the world researches in that field.
Dr. Kardasheva works and has published articles and scientific reports in the field of business consulting, psychology of children development and deviant behavior, personality diagnosis, family psychotherapy and consulting, Emotional intelligence.
Dr. Antonina Kardasheva is and author of textbooks and several monographs, including:
“Parent’s Psychology” – two editions and “About emotional intelligence and individual diversities of Bulgarians”.
She has rich academic teaching practice, internationally , internationally recognized research experience in the field of emotional intelligence. Her expertise is complemented by the authorship of several monographs and hundreds scientific reports, business consulting and psychotherapeutic practice