Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence

                THE FOUNDATION FOR DEVELOPING EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (FDEI)  was established to be a partner to people who seeks personal development and growth; to professional communities supporting the enhancement of the knowledge about people emotions and to business leaders who are engaged to adopt emotionally intelligent approach to leading others.
               The Foundation is an alliance of expert knowledge in the field of emotional intelligence. Our team of researchers, trainers on emotional intelligence, experts, carries out activities to promote, develop and validate the knowledge of emotional intelligence in Bulgaria and abroad. Emotional intelligence, as a science of knowing human emotions and the processes of emotional regulation, is also related to the pursuit of happiness, optimism, well-being, readiness for change, positive attitude to business challenges, assertiveness, adaptability and professional engagement.
               The main purpose of the Foundation is to unite scientists with international contributions in the field of emotional intelligence, experts, essential skills trainers, educators, mediators and facilitators who promote, create and develop international and intercultural collaborations. The aspiration of our community of professionals is to support the research and applied activities in Bulgaria and beyond, to train leaders and managers to successfully manage their business teams by using the knowledge of human emotional regulation, thinking patterns and rationalizations in different business contexts.
               The mission of FDEI is to support and encourage the development of theory, scientific research and, on a large scale, the application of emotional intelligence in all social areas and professional practice.

               The team of the Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence has an outstanding respect to all business-oriented people who are aware of their own emotions, who choose to maintain quality relationships with their teams and business partners, and who continue to seek opportunities for personal and professional growth!
               We guarantee the scientific and practical value of the knowledge we spread and the sustainability in promoting the results of international scientific research.
               Our advantage lays on the fact that part of our members are scientists – professors, associate professors, doctors of sciences, lecturers in the USA, EU, Bulgaria, who have proven their professionalism in the field of emotional intelligence science. This, combined with the expertise of the other part of our members, the practitioners, like trainers, coaches, teachers, IT and marketing specialists, business managers, completes the strengths profile of our Foundation.
               The Foundation is also a center for education and training, development of leadership and managerial competencies, exchange of information and experience in the field of Emotional Intelligence. Our educational activity helps us to enhance the expertise in knowing and identifying of emotions and emotional states, emotional intelligence and emotional maturity. Our team of experts efficiently deliver public and corporate services such as trainings, programs and projects for developing human capital, leadership and management in various professional spheres. Through their work, the Foundation’s experts aim to support the development of Emotional Intelligence knowledge and competencies in various social fields and to improve its application in achieving and sustaining life balance, mental and phys.
               Founded in January 2019, the Foundation is rapidly developing its ideas and achieving its goals. Within eight months of its establishment, the team of professionals organized and held the First International Conference on Emotional Intelligence, at which 16 presentations were given by international and Bulgarian experts. The first professional certification training was carried out and 17 Bulgarian experts received Certificates on Emotional Intelligence, accredited by the ISEI (International Society of Emotional Intelligence, New York, USA). The Emotional Intelligence Club has been established with its activities being actively spread and developed. For the moment, Emotional Intelligence Clubs are established in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad, Kozloduy, Stara Zagora. By the end of the 2019 calendar year the establishment of more clubs in Bulgaria and abroad will be completed.
               The growing number of our Emotional Intelligence clubs and members – professionals in all business fields, is a testament to the quality of knowledge we spread and the charge of positivism and professionalism with which we develop people.

               The FDEI has a professional partnership agreement with the International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI, http://www.emotionalintelligencesociety.org/), New York, USA. With the support and assistance of the ISEI President Assoc.Prof. Dr. John Pellitteri, we carry out trainings with internationally recognized certificates. The explicit value of the training is that every professional, after completing the third certification level, can use the obtained international certificate all over the world as it is issued by the ISEI board, based on an ISEI accredited training program.
               The founder and CEO of the Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence is Dr. Antonina Kardasheva.. She is a National Emotional Intelligence Coordinator for Bulgaria at the International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI), New York, USA. In her practice, outside of the training and mentoring activities in the field of Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Kardasheva is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in the field of Human Resources, she is a member of the BAMCO Board and a member of the BAMCO Training and Certification Committee. She has a wealth of academic teaching, internationally recognized research experience in the field of Emotional Intelligence. Her expertise is complemented by the authorship of several monographs and hundreds of scientific reports, business consulting and psychotherapy practice.
               The Foundation’s activities are managed by an Advisory Board , comprising experts from various fields.