Project 2020


In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations are ever more intensive, and as a simultaneous process, some key interpersonal skills become crucial for our social and economical wellbeing. The highly technological society, characterized by the extreme information exchange, requires that the students – future managers and contributors to the successful business companies – develop soft skills like reliability, flexibility, confidence, social and emotional maturity and resilience.

The STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) professionals play a key role in the sustainable growth and stability of each economy and are a critical component to support the economical future of Bulgaria. The STEM knowledge combined with enhanced emotional intelligence (EI) increases the intellectual potency to a new level of quality for each high school student! EI adds value to all the required and important for the successful realization habits and skills of the young, including critical thinking and creativity, thus preparing them to be future innovators worldwide.

This is the motivation behind the initiation of the key project of the Foundation for Development of Emotional Intelligence this year – “THE EMOTIONS OF TALENT – AN INNOVATION FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS”. The aim of the project is to provide an educational plan and options for learning and training on the emotional intelligence of talented and recognized students in their 11th grade, who have reached impressive results in STEM national and international competitions. An 8-month-long pilot project with a total horarium of 32 hours, divided into 16 topics will be implemented for the benefit of high schoolers at the Sofia Highschool of Mathematics – SMG “Paisii Hilendarski”. 

Within the project the students will be trained to recognize, exchange, regulate and invest their emotions into reaching sustainable relations with their future employers and colleagues, as well as for their successful professional and social realization. Through systematic trainings on how to use their emotions when creating an innovative project, the young will develop sustainability to achievements and will build up skills to reach an equal access to the global professional career. 

At the end of their training on emotional intelligence, the students will have the chance to present to a committee of employers an innovative project they have developed. Each project which attracts the attention of business leaders and entrepreneurs will be assessed. The talented students will compete for a full scholarship to cover the costs of their higher education and a job offer in the company of the employer, who is interested in the implementation of the winning project.

The partnership of the business and employers for the implementation of this project of the Foundation for Development of Emotional Intelligence (FDEI) is of crucial significance. Therefore we invite the business leaders who are aware of the importance of the youngsters’ talent for the success of the business, to get involved in the project as sponsors and donators, and to benefit from the opportunity to meet talented and recognized students and their achievements. 

For the purpose of gathering financial means for the Donors’ Fund at Project 2020, the Foundation for Development of Emotional Intelligence has opened a special bank account:


IBAN BG29FINV91501017439879

Owner: Foundation for Development of Emotional Intelligence

Donation Purpose: Funding of Project 2020 “The emotions of talent – an innovation for business success”

Foundation for development of emotional intelligence is an alliance of expert knowledge in the sphere of Emotional intelligence. The main goal of the Foundation is to unite scientists, experts, trainers, mediators, and facilitators in the sphere of EI and to enable them to create and develop international and intercultural cooperation in support of the academic and practical activity in Bulgaria and abroad. The Foundation contributes to the development of the EI and emotional maturity competency in by effectively providing social and corporate services like trainings, programs, and projects for the development of human capital, leadership and management in every professional sphere.

The founder and CEO of FDEI is Antonina Kardasheva Ph.D., DSc, National Coordinator for Bulgaria at the International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI), USA.

Partners of the FDEI for the pilot stage of Project 2020 are the teachers and students of Sofia High school of Mathematics. SMG is a specialized school and their students demonstrate talent and profound preparation in Natural sciences and Mathematics on a regular basis. The SMG team successfully work with their students to achieve impressive results in all state exams – National Assessment after the 7th grade, State Matriculation Exam after the 12th grade, and any mathematical competitions in Bulgaria and abroad. Almost 100% of the Sofia High school of Mathetatics’alumni continue their higher education in prestigious universities.

The SMG students have won over 150 medals in international Olympiads and competitions and over 1000 medals in national Olympiads and competitions. The teachers and students at SMG are constantly perfecting their skills, they keep in contact with other Bulgarian and foreign mathematical highschools and universities and develop together various programmes and projects.

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